I'm A Believer

Neil Diamond wrote The Monkees' #1 hit

When I heard this week that Davy Jones had died, I was filled with sadness. I couldn’t believe it. Another icon of my childhood was gone. Davy Jones was one of my first major crushes, him and Donny Osmond. I remember watching “The Monkees” as a child in the 1960s, and again when MTV re-aired the series in the 1980s.

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, this is a Neil Diamond blog, why is she talking about The Monkees? Well, as any Neil Diamond fan knows, Diamond wrote one of The Monkees’ greatest hits. Diamond wrote “I’m A Believer” in 1966, and The Monkees recorded it in November of that year. “I’m A Believer” hit number one on the Billboard charts in December, just a few weeks after its release, and remained on the charts for seven weeks. It was the last number one song of 1966, and the best-selling song for 1967. It was also a number one hit in the United Kingdom.

Neil Diamond did not write “I’m A Believer” specifically for The Monkees. He recorded it himself before The Monkees recorded it. “I’m A Believer” has been recorded by a variety of artists since The Monkees’ hit version. It has been recorded by such artists as The Four Tops, Barbara Mandrell, Smash Mouth and Weezer.  The cover by Smash Mouth, along with one sung by Eddie Murphy, were featured in the 2001 Dreamworks movie “Shrek”. The Weezer cover appears on the soundtrack to the sequel, “Shrek Forever After”, released in 2010.

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